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rdfacontext Struct Reference

#include <rdfa.h>

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Public Attributes

char * base
size_t bnode_count
buffer_filler_fp buffer_filler_callback
void * callback_data
char * content
char * current_object_resource
char * datatype
triple_handler_fp default_graph_triple_callback
int done
char * language
char * new_subject
char * parent_object
char * parent_subject
XML_Parser parser
char * plain_literal
size_t plain_literal_size
int preread
triple_handler_fp processor_graph_triple_callback
unsigned char recurse
unsigned char skip_element
char * underscore_colon_bnode_name
char ** uri_mappings
size_t wb_allocated
size_t wb_position
size_t wb_preread
char * working_buffer
char * xml_literal
unsigned char xml_literal_namespaces_defined
size_t xml_literal_size
unsigned char xml_literal_xml_lang_defined

Detailed Description

The RDFa Parser structure is responsible for keeping track of the state of the current RDFa parser. Things such as the default namespace, CURIE mappings, and other context-specific

Definition at line 188 of file rdfa.h.

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